Wine2Go Foldable Wine Bottle


Looking for a lighter alternative to glass bottles? How about a foldable wine bottle you can use again and again? 

Wine2Go, the Foldable Wine Bottle, makes the PERFECT GIFT (under $15) and ADDS A LITTLE FUN to wherever life's adventures take you!

Whether you’re at a summer festival, camping in the woods, or relaxing on the beach, Wine2Go‘s reusable bottle will have you covered. Once you’re done, all you have to do is give it a rinse and fold it away until the next time you’re in need of some mobile refreshment.

The Wine2Go bottle is BPA Free, easy to fill thanks to a wide mouth, and has no detrimental effects on the taste of your wine. Compared to glass, the bottle is a lot lighter – which also means less stuff to carry on your next adventure.

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